Advertise Your Videos Using White Hat SEO Strategies & Proven Techniques.

We Provide Video Ranking Services to Renovation Contractors, Roofing Contractors, General Contractors, Home Builders, Real Estate Developers & various other small Construction Businesses in Canada, USA and India.

Use Video SEO Strategies for Maximum Exposure for Your Construction Business


Optimize Your Videos for Google & Youtube Search Results.

Your video content саn surely bе a great opportunity to connect a growing audience of video consumers tо these products and/or services уou'rе providing. It саn аlsо be a difficult endeavor when trуіng to get уоur content found online. While thеrе аrе paid opportunities online tо grow уоur audience аnd lеt уоur content be found, thіѕ may not bе the mоѕt effective way to grow уоur Youtube Channel. Whether you're loоkіng tо create a demand fоr your visual content or connect уоur content to thе rіght audience, wе саn hеlр уоur videos perform wеll in Google Search and YouTube.

Social Engagement

Optimize Your Videos for Social Media.

Search engines have long been using engagement as a metric for determining what content is relevant on the Internet. For videos this is no exception. We help your brand connect with your audience on your website, on video sharing websites, and in social media for improved search engine performance.

In-Depth Competitor Analysis


Learn from your greatest competitors.

The keywords and tags that you use in and your videos will determine how different search engines categorize them. We work to ensure that each video has the right keywords and text associated with it to improve search engine visibility. We compare different keywords and search terms to determine which are not only the most relevant, but most capable of leading to your desired conversion. For content channels this means interaction with sponsors while for brands this means more direct conversions and more interest in the products and/or services being offered.

Comprehensive Approach to Video SEO

Grow Your Following and Video Popularity

Your Channel Optimization Your video channel is optimized to help search engines find them and favor them over competing content.


Social Engagement We can help you find the right distribution channel for your visual content to reduce cost and improve playback performance


Video Optimization We build a comprehensive strategy to help your videos be found and to improve their performance organically.


Viewer Engagement Having different ways to engage with your viewers means bringing repeat viewers back in the future and better search performance.


Keyword Strategy Having the right keywords and supporting content can mean the difference between little traffic and competitive traffic.


Competitive Analysis We learn about your competition and identify holes in their plan to build a strategy to defeat them.



We Analyze Your Competitors

Even when your videos are unique in nature you're always competing with other videos online. Online video is one of the fastest growing industries online and is often full to the brim for competition. We analyze the brands and channels which will most compete with you and build a strategy to defeat them online.


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